Some reviews of the Insights in Jazz book:

Here are some comments from owners of the Insights in Jazz book:

  • I hope you sell a ton of your work. I love the distribution model and the fact that you present excellent value for expenditure. I also appreciate the expedited delivery and the electronic format. This all fits the way I tend to work and gets me started before I get… oh! wait! is that a squirrel?! I’ll pass the link to your site around the local music community. Dan Schubart, USA.
  • First of all I’d like to say that you do great work with your book and podcasts!  With your method I already learned the Roadmaps for Alice in Wonderland, Fly Me To The Moon, Misty, How High The Moon and Tenderly. That’s great! I have the grid images in my mind and enjoy playing those in all keys.  Patrick Chaumette, Germany.
  • I was looking for the next step. With Insights in Jazz I’ve found it. Suddenly the boring chord notation is starting to mean something. And the different joins are shown plain and clear. It’s not a rules book, like a traditional theory book – but a construction manual. Built around showing how so many of those super tunes are put together. And it’s by exposing the constructions used by the great writers, that the learning becomes simplified. And the transposition. Brilliant concept. I’m well sold. Not on it just as a clear and understandable way to memorise (without learning the dots), but as a way to understand the tunes and so improvise. And as an expandable handbook of methods for building musical ideas into tunes/works. And at half the printed price as a download, it’s really good value. There’s also a good roadmap through the book, meaning that the learning can be mostly concentrated on what’s used in the tunes you’re working on. And then re-used in later ones. There’s an excellent roadmap through the process included in the book. Kevin Elliott, Germany
  • Thanks John, I love the book, it’s clarity and simplicity of presentation. I already had the hard copy  but wanted access via computer from any where and the ebook gives me that. Also, I love the podcasts and find them very helpful. You are a jazz saint. Peter Bowen, UK
  • I’m a saxophone player from Taiwan and I’ve learned some basic jazz theory and harmonic constitutions, but when learning tunes i found it not easy to memorize so many chord changes. Your book provides a very logical way to understand the chord progressions. Very helpful. Thank you for providing this book. Ken Chen, Taiwan
  • This is the book I have been looking for! I am a trombonist, and have been feeling necessity of memorizing a lot of songs and being able to play them regardless of a key, recently. I want to introduce the “LEGO” book and your book to my friends, but unfortunately, a Japanese version is not available. Satoru Fukada, Japan
  • I am a huge fan of the podcasts.  They really work for me.  I am trying to play as well as possible, but meanwhile have a day job and busy life outside of music.To be able to dial up a podcast during my lunch really helps me focus on learning a new tune.  Jason Rogers NY, USA
  • Thanks for the book – it looks very interesting and was obviously a mammoth task in putting it together. I’m a drummer/composer based in Leeds in the UK.  … Looks like your book will come in very handy in helping me to get my act together! Colin Byrne UK
  • ‘At quick sight, it’s exactly what our students need to help them analyse and memorise standards and to appreciate the recurring structures. I’m circulating it amongst the jazz teaching staff but am likely to recommend the library to purchase multiple copies.’ Louise Gibbs, Head, Leeds College of Music Centre for Jazz Studies, UK
  • ‘It is an idea whose time has truly come, and I doubt whether it could have been done better.  It is little short of magnificent. It is the book I wish I could have written myself.’ Conrad Cork UK
  • ‘I like your book as it debunks the mystique that to understand harmony one needs a brain the size of a planet. This is a very interesting read indeed. At the price it is well worth speculating.’ Gary Bayley UK
  • ‘I reckon pp. 11-13 on Building from the Ground Up are worth the price alone!’ Keith Freeman, the Netherlands
  • ‘Your work … will enable a man with a visual perception disability to play on the stand without dots in front of him. This work represents the most significant work in pedagogic musical development in years, congratulations …’ AW