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The Insights In Jazz book is sold in two forms from different places:

  1. electronic form ('e-book' as PDF about 2 MBytes in size containing the complete book including Annexes A and B)
available from this web site with free audio tracks download (MP3) for 12 GBP; or
  1. print form with CD of audio tracks (.wav) and Annex B song roadmaps (PDF) for 25 GBP + postage and packing
available from http://sendmemusic.com/.

Please read the advice on which to buy and note that both forms of the book provide you with all the same information, just in different media.

This web site sells only the e-book form. You will need a PDF reader for viewing PDF files which can be obtained from Adobe free of charge. Once payment has been received, your personalised PDF will be emailed to you; it will be discretely watermarked (outline font in light grey) with the owner name and password protected.

Orders will  be processed as quickly as possible and your e-book will be emailed to the address you supply. This is usually within 24 hours, but at weekend and holiday times might take a few days. If you seem not to receive any emails within a day or two, please check your spam or junk mail folders! Consider adding dropback.co.uk to the approved domains in your spam filter.

It is extremely easy to pay. Pay with debit cards or credit cards or use your PayPal account.

We need two (mandatory) pieces of information from you:

  1. The email address to which to send the e-book. There are no other delivery options and we cannot send you your e-book without an email address.
  2. The name of the e-book 'owner' that will be used to personalise your copy of the e-book. If you are buying this for yourself, enter your name here. If it is a gift for someone else, enter their name here. Orders which do not supply an owner name will not be processed.

If you wish to purchase more than one copy in one go, enter the details (email address and owner for each copy) as a message to the supplier on the PayPal pages after you click Buy Now above or below:

email address to send ebook to
ebook owner name for watermark
email address to send ebook to
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