P O D C A S T S    S E P T E M B E R    2 0 1 0

A U D I O    D O W N L O A D
R E V I E W S    &    E N D O R S E M E N T S
L I J C  2010  P R E S E N T A T I O N
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N O    M O R E    B L U E S   
(C H E G A    D E    S A U D A D E)

This bossa nova standard is analysed according to the method. The song is not in the book and so a chart is available on the Google Group web site. The song is unusually long, with effectively two ABAC song forms joined together, one minor and the other major.
I F   I    S H O U L D    L O S E    Y O U    &
Y O U ' D    B E    S O    N I C E   ...

These two standards are analysed according to the method and found to be almost identical. These songs are used to show how standards often visit common keys of I, IV and iv (relative minor) and the joins that are used to get between them (Bauble, Sidewinder, Half Nelson). The Slow Launcher is examined and its location at the end of B sections in ABAC songs considered.

Confirming key using the Homer join is discussed and the Spring Cadence is introduced.


The standard Misty is analysed according to the method. Comparison is made with "I Want to Talk About You".

Bricks used include: To IV n Yak; POT; SPOT; On-Off-On; Yardbird Cadence; Regular Cadence; CESH; Two-goes; Starlight Cadence.

Just two joins are used: Bootstrap and Downwinder.