P O D C A S T S    J U N E    2 0 1 0

A U D I O    D O W N L O A D
R E V I E W S    &    E N D O R S E M E N T S
L I J C  2010  P R E S E N T A T I O N
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I N D I A N A    (D O N N A    L E E)

The standard, Indiana, is analysed according to the method in the Insights In Jazz book. Bricks used include: Donna Lee Opening; Dropbacks; To IV n Yak; Slow Launcher; Cadence; On Off On; Long Cadence. Joins include: Bootstrap; Backslider.
13. Indiana

John Elliott's Insights In Jazz Podcast

J E A N - B A P T I S T E    R I C H O N

John talks with a friend, Jean-Ba, who plays jazz piano and uses the method to learn songs in bands of various jazz styles. The discussion covers how JB has found the method useful and how it relates to the way we learn a new language. The podcast ends with an example of the aural tradition: a song being taught with no sheet music and then played in several keys, all within the space of 15 minutes.
14. Interview with Jean-Baptiste Richon, pianist, Edinbur...

John Elliott's Insights In Jazz Podcast

T O    I V    ' N '    B A C K    (P A R T    I)

The very important family of metabricks, To IV n Back, is introduced in Part I of this two-part podcast. The harmonic purpose of the family is introduced and then focus is given to the most common form: the To IV n Yak. This metabrick is made up of On + (Boostrap) Cadence + (New Horizon) Yardbird Cadence. Many examples from real songs are shown to illustrate just how common this harmonic move is.

Passing reference is made to the related To IV n Mack and also the Pennies Ending metabricks. Chaining of more than one To IV n Back is illustrated with reference to real standards. Modulation in major harmony via dominant 7th chords with roots other than V is discussed and the reason why modulating to IV does not feel as strong as modulation to other places.
15. To IV n Back (Part I)

John Elliott's Insights In Jazz Podcast

P H I L    C L A R K

John talks with saxophone player, Phil Clark, about his use of the method in order to learn to play without music. Phil explains his approach to learning tunes using "Brick walls" built using MS Excel.

There is some microphone noise in some of this podcast that we could not eliminate, but we decided to publish anyway since we think the conversation can all be understood.
16. To IV n Back Part II

John Elliott's Insights In Jazz Podcast

T O    I V    ' N '    B A C K    (P A R T    II)

The To IV n Back family of bricks is revisited in this second of two podcasts. This time the focus is on returning to I via #IVo. Examples of songs in which these occur are given. "Marking time" using To IV n Back is also illustrated.

A related brick, II n Back is introduced and shown to be almost identical and illustrated where present in "American Songbook" jazz standards.
17. Interview with Phil Clark, sax player. UK

John Elliott's Insights In Jazz Podcast