P O D C A S T S    A U G U S T    2 0 1 0

A U D I O    D O W N L O A D
R E V I E W S    &    E N D O R S E M E N T S
L I J C  2010  P R E S E N T A T I O N
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W H I S P E R    N O T

In this episode, Whisper Not is analysed according to the method. This song is in AABA form and is considered to have a home key of Dm since that is the only key in the song that is established and confirmed. Reference is made to the Autumnal Cadence in Green Dolphin Street and How Deep is the Ocean that have some similar harmonic moves. Bricks used include: On; Cadence; POT; SPOT; launcher; Nowhere launcher. The only join used is the Backslider.
R H Y T H M   C H A N G E S

The chord changes to I Got Rhythm are the most common changes used in jazz after the 12-bar blues. This podcast takes a Metaview of "Rhythm Changes" so that the player can be robust to substitutions that might be commonly used.

Bricks used include: POT (and variants such as SPOT, Rhythm Turnaround, Whoopee Turnaround); To IV n Back family; Rhythm Bridge.

Joins used include: Sidewinder; (Pullback); (Yardbird); (Bird SPOT).

M Y    F O O L I S H    H E A R T

The standard My Foolish Heart from 1949 is analysed according to the method. The form is ABAC, but the chords are more complex than songs looked at to date. The metaview is discussed before the actual bricks of chords are analysed. Bricks used include: ITCHY turnaround; Bootstrap launchers; Launcher; Cadence; Body and Soul approach; Autumnal Cadence approach; Sixpenny Ending; TINGLe dropback; Somewhere cadence. Joins used include: Woody; Bootstrap; Bauble; Stella (!); Dogleg.

P E N N I E S    E N D I N G

The Pennies Ending metabrick is introduced. This is family of 8-measure bricks which is extremely common in jazz standards. Most often it is used to as the last 8 measures. But sometimes it is used as the first 8 measures of a song.

Many examples are given of the Pennies Ending occurring in jazz standards.

Meta concepts covered include: IV n Back; Dropping back; Cadence home. Joins are not discussed in this podcast because, in general, the bricks within the metabrick follow round the cycle or by dropping down a half step (sideslip).